Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Retail Design - Xmas Sale!!

Every retail store is running xmas sale. To make maximum profit this season, its essential that your store has strategically good retail design.

Here are some tips on commercial retail design:

Lights and Colours
The interiors of the shopping malls also are an important area where the buyer is prodded to make an instant decision in purchasing a product that may not have done in an ordinary clothing store or bookstall. The effect of the lighting and the colours added to enhance the value of the product is a very perfect area that relates to the senses of the consumer. The best displayed goods get their enhanced demeanour from the lights that are used to change the texture and looks of the product that a consumer will purchase at the first time he looks at it.

Design Range

The range of design contains different shades, colours, geometric's and all elements that have an individuality of their own according to the preferences of the shop structure. The utilisation of the retail design in such spaces is the idea behind making this concept create an atmosphere of cool shopping experience.This enhances the quality of the goods and gives the customer a decent way to make his purchase. The dominant colours reflect the spirit of the design to cater to the needs of the buyer as well.

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Retail Design boost sales - Ignite

The increase in retail sales depends mostly on the conceptual retail design of the stores. An ideal retail store design is that portrays a well lit ambience with colourful lights and attractive background. The new and in vogue retail design consist of the following parameters:
  • Architecture
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Graphics
  • Visual Merchandising
Designing of a successful store with unique architecture, lighting highlights the ideas, which being replicated by every shopping mall to drive in foot traffic today.

Wide Circulation Space

The circulation space though limited in certain stores is made to appear bigger and wider with retail design coming to the fore. The impact is dramatic as it offers the customer ample room to make the choice in an instant. In this way the productivity level increases as the goods are sold out in no less time. Natural lights enhances poor visibility in the stores to make an eye catching effect on the client or consumer to make a purchase. 

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Friday, 1 November 2013

How commercial retail design can benefit retail stores?

Commercial Retail Design
Shopping Ambience
An ambience where shopping is a delight and wonderful experience. It is a a high end sophisticated atmosphere to soothe the senses and create a feeling of joyfulness and peaceful time spent for good quality time with friends, relatives and colleagues. It is the latest trend in creating a clean space for enjoyable shopping experience. For example, a bookstore requires ample shelves to accommodate several books on different topics under various subjects. A clothing space requires wide area for the goods and products to be displayed in eye catching manner.
Interior Decoration
Interior design plays a vital role in the elevation of the product or goods that are displayed for the customer to get a better feel of the goods in an attractive context. The managing of positions for attractive lighting and the type of lights with different colour shades is what retail designing all about. The architecture and the emphasis on merchandise promotional sales is the high point of a good interior design given to a shopping mall and the several stores that are a part of it.
Large Window Spaces
The billboards play an important role in drawing the shoppers into the showroom. The attractive display with the latest eye catching colours used in them is an added asset to any conceptual design space. The employment of large windows as spaces of advertising the goods in a wide angle display is the catch point that gives the buyer an idea of what is inside the store and persuades them to enter the mall and enjoy a productive purchasing solution. 
Shopping Centre
The first name given to a commercial shopping space is the shopping centre. The idea of commercial retail design began with the intent of benefiting suburban families. Later, it developed into boutiques where clothing and fashion footwear were sold along with inner garments and make up kits. The increase in jobs and pay packets increased the spending capacity of the consumer that ushered a new era of retail design shopping spaces across the globe. 
Internet Marketing
The World Wide Web threw the doors open enticing the shopper to do shopping with the click of a button by saving much time and easy access to several latest brands and designs in various parts of the world. Thematically, commercial retail design entered the domain of internet marketing even for non-conventional products where retail design can be used in a profitable manner. The successful circulation of business where design concepts are given a new look from time to time is the requisite for a good merchandise purchase with a complete satisfying shopping thrill and excitement. The key to any commercial space success is the natural lights that complement the interiors. 

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Why retail design is important at commercial level?

IgniteRetail design agency ,based in the UK, has done retail designing for big brands like Aston Martin, Harrods, L'oreal and many more...

Why retail design is important for your store?

World Class Impact
The impact created by professional retail designs is overwhelming with updated new concepts and world class decorations that create adequate business space for retail chains to accommodate products that promotes easy manoeuvrability and freedom while shopping or transacting business. According to the configuration of the space the entry points, exit area, circulatory area, environment quality along with lighting and sound system is given the best pattern that creates dramatic impact on the customers.
Skilful Designs
Ignite Retail, does a very skilful job in designing the architecture, background, ceilings, floor patterns including, curved plan, perimeter design for angular traffic flow with transitional areas to display merchandise and create an inviting look from all end up. The impression the natural lights create among colored settings that are bright and vary with the space available for the perfect studio effect in all its totality. The material used is aesthetically pleasing with a minimum maintenance needed for its up keeping. The color contrast that they create is an excellent combination of the local flavor with international designs. 

Corporate Identity
The images on the walls form the main focal point of the overall ambience in the retail outlets and business places. Ignite Retail draw out unique and distinct commercial designs for a corporate identity and brand image accentuation in all categories in terms of growing success in the marketing corridors. They deliver successful designs that make the customers to spend adequate time in clean and eco-friendly environments. This enables the sales to soar higher and increase profit margins beyond expected horizons. The friendly site managers ensure that high levels of standards are maintained as per the client’s specifications and satisfaction for long term bonding and mutual commercial benefit. 

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

What is Commercial Retail Design ?

Commercial retail design is the core area of Ignite Retail design agency, creating most innovative and high end designs for all the clients to make the most beautiful environments for customers to transact businesses or have shopping pleasure in peaceful and joyful surroundings. Ignite Retail has well trained and most experienced professionals under them with over 20 plus years of expertise in the requisite field. They have great reputation across the globe for cost effective and timely delivery of their projects. Every care and utmost importance is taken to develop eye catching and inimitable design as per the preference of the clients.
The key areas of specialization of Ignite Retail are:

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Friday, 27 September 2013

What is Retail Design?

Retail design is a commercial discipline that mixes various distinct fields of expertise together in the construction of retail space and design. It is a specific interior design and practice of architecture; nevertheless it incorporates components of ergonomics, industrial design, interior decoration, graphic design, and advertising.

The following are the six basic circulation plans and store layouts that all furnish a different experience:
  1. Straight plan: It divides transitional areas from one part of the store to the other by utilising walls to display merchandise. It leads the user to the back of the store. This design can be utilised for a variety of stores ranging from pharmacies to apparel.
  2. Pathway plan: It is most suitable for large stores that have single stage. In this plan there is a path that is unobstructed by shop fixtures, this smoothly guides the user all around the store.
  3. Diagonal plan: It uses perimeter design which causes angular traffic flow and the cashier is in a central location and easily available. This plan is most suited for self service retail stores.
  4. Curved plan: It aims to make an intimate environment and there is an emphasis on the structure of the space including the walls, ceiling and a corner this is achieved by creating the structure curved and is increased by circular floor fixtures.
  5. Varied plan: In this plan attention is drawn to particular centre areas, in addition to having storage areas that line the wall. This is best suited for jewellery and footwear retail stores.
  6. Geometric plan: It utilises the racks and the retail floor fixtures to make a geometric floor plan and circulation movement. By letting down parts of the ceiling certain areas can make defined retail spaces and this is well suited for appeal stores.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Shoe retail store design ideas

Do you own a shoe store?

Here is a collection of some world's best shoe store retail design. They are simply awesome. From lighting to shoe display, everything holds its importance and nothing can't be ignored.

Check out these cool shoe stores:

Which one is your favourite? Check out more retail design ideas here

I recently visited Nike store on oxford store. The way they have put altogether makes the store looks so spacious and dispaly of shoes is excellent.

At ignite, we also strive to give our customers best possible retail designs so their customers can't stop coming to their store. We try and make the retail store easy to shop in and every product should be arranged in some kind of order.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Technology to rule out retail sector growth | Ignite Retail

The increasing interest in smartphones will rule out retail sale growth in the next decade. However, every retail store has set up a web store so people can buy stuff online at their own convenience.

The retailers have to take some strong action so they can succeed tomorrow.

According to the new reports produced by retail consultant Conlumino on behalf of retail property company Hammerson, owner of Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. The report expects average annual growth in retail spending of 2.4% between 2013 and 2022, an improvement of the 1.9% achieved over the past decade. By 2022, retail spending will have reached £377bn, up 26% on current levels.

Read More here

Ignite Design is a retail design agency based in London. They are just moving fast with time to help retailers to keep with the moving technology and changing shopping habits of consumers. At Ignite, we do all the research into your industry and business area to come up with best retail design strategies.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

UK retail stores growth | Ignite Retail

In the month of February, UK retail stores sale grew at their fastest rate in more than three years, as the unexpected cold weather held shoppers back out onto the High Street. 

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) retail sales were up 2.7% on the previous year.
That is the fastest rate of like-for-like sales growth since December 2009, the group said.

Increasinf demands for electronic goods increased the retail sales all over the high street in the UK. 
With the new reports on customer demands and pleasent weather forecast, retailers can take a sigh of relief.

Read more on UK retail stores on BBC

To benefit from the circumstances, a little bit of spending on retail designing would do no harm to retailers. With the increasing in the number of shoppers to the store, it is always a good idea to have retail section designed the way customer finds easy to shop. It avoids customer being dissapointed and makes things go smoother..

Ignite Retail aids customers with commercial retail designing and in store design work as well. Both are equally important to the store. According to Ignite, a strategic placement of products with proper displays that makes shopping fun for customers help to make happy customers.

Get in touch with us today to get an appointment for your store refurbishment.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

May Design Series | Ignite Retail

In the month of may, in London, there were four great shows.

"The world looks to Britain as the leaders of design, and London hasn¹t had a show that encompasses all the different sectors of industry... until now" - Vanessa Brady

In this great city of London, the May Design Series brings together four interior design events on retail and architectural communitites. This is show is very useful to find best furniture, accessories, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom stuff...

Read More on May Design Series here

You can also register to secure a space in the show.

At Ignite Retail, we help our clients to provide consultancy in retail design and commercial interior design that aids to increase retail sales.

Designing the interior of a retail space is a challenge and most important for the business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

Read what are customers say about Ignite.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Five Minutes With...Your Beauty Assistant

Five Minutes With...

Five Minutes With... is a new series of interviews on yourbeautyassistant.com with leading personalities from across the industry.

The objective is to obtain the views from top people in the business about what they feel about the industry, what excites them about their companies and brands and what is important to them in their personal lives (causes, charities, friends, politics, arts luxuries etc).

So if someone spent five minutes with the interviewee they would leave with a good understanding of why they have been so successful and what kind of person they are.

The questions are not published, only the answers in the form of a statement

The answers - or each statement - should be brief: one, two or a maximum of three sentences.

The questions below are not in any order and it is not mandatory to answer all or any of them; instead, should he or she wish, the interviewee can pen their own profile of themselves by answering (in statement form) their own questions.

The ‘interview’ will be prefaced by a short introduction written by yourbeautyassistant.

An image of the interviewee is required and should be sent to jon_charles@btinternet.com or info@yourbeautyassistant.com

Where necessary the copy will be edited and sent for approval prior to publishing.

For all further information contact Jonathan Charles: 020 8488 9515/jon_charles@btinternet.com

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Ignite Design has moved again!!

Ignite Design has moved to old nest again.

The new address is:

Ignite Design Ltd.
6 Morie Street, Wandsworth
London, SW18 1SL
t. + 44 (0) 208 870 3240

At Ignite, we have helped many famous brands to over come difficult times with the best retail designs for the stores.

Check out our recent work on in store and retail designing:

It’s been a pleasure working with you - I just love the chase of the consumer insight, and working to bring about a genuine breakthrough has been a super journey.  

Don't forget to check out our website for more information on retail designing.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Pop up shops - Retail Store | Ignite Retail

In the sixties in London, trendy Carnaby Street is suffering economic downturn. This also resulted in well known brands going under economic stress.

For seasonal celebrations such as christmas, halloween, many shops go for original pop ups ideas that persuade customers in the shop.

" Now an increasing number of new small businesses are fuelling a pop-up shop boom. In one empty unit in Richmond, south-west London, where there was room for six retailers, 80 different pop-up shops opened in the space of just five months." 

Read More how pop ups can help retail stores to face the financial curb.

At Ignite Retail, a retail design agency with a team of professionals, we build strategies to aid retail stores to keep pace with economy downturn. The more strategically you analyse customer behaviour, more helpful it is to to increase retail sales.

Get in touch with us if you need assistance with in store design.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Redevelopement of Oxford Street | Ignite Retail

Westminster City Council, London has approved to remove some of the old existing buildings on the world's one of the most expensive streets 'Oxford Street' and is all ready to undergo a £195m redevelopment. 

It will be a great addition to UK's high street and beneficial for our consumers.

According to Richard Dickinson, chief executive of New West End Company, which represents businesses in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street, this redevelopmenet should take place ahead of Crossrail opening in 2018 which is another big project and aim to transport about 200,000 people every day.

Read More here

Retail stores in the UK are going through difficult times due to economic balance and delay in the summer season in the UK. Finally in the month of July, heat wave hit britain and hope to last for long. There is massive sale going on in Oxford Street in big brands like HnM, Mango, Next and many more...

Don't forget to make a trip...

At Ignite Retail, we strive to provide high class retail designing to the retail stores that helps both customers and owner to solve the purpose.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

New Year Hopes for Retail Stores - Ignite Retail

UK high street figures are not very promising for this year. There has been a sharp fall in spending after christmas as the economy has been going through ups and downs. The cold weather gripped UK  for almost the end of may.
"Sales of food fell by 2.6 per cent, to the lowest level seen since April 2004.

Keith Richardson, retail expert at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said: “The number of high street insolvencies so far in 2013 and the prevailing economic headwinds suggest that it’s going to be another challenging year for retailers.”

Read More here

Ignite Retail helps you to keep pace with UK economy. A good retail design always helps you to gain customer's attractions and improves number of customers coming to the retail store.

The in store design is a key for every retail store. The way products are displayed and how visible they are to the customers improves purchasing.

Ignite Design are highly creative & resourceful designers.  Given the no of skus Paul & Joe consistently have to merchandise, and the comparative size of our site at Harrods, Ignite did a great job of designing our unit to present our cosmetics in an accessible way for customers to browse & test.  They design from the customer viewpoint, so create maximum impact for our brand.  We are delighted with their strategic creativity and positive on time, on budget response.
Annie Bruce, Paul & Joe.

Scientific side of retail design

Retail store owners are striving hard to develop new strategies to influence customers to their store. Understanding shopper's thinking and needs is very important for every store - why, what and where...

This is usually done accompanied shopping; mystery shopping, face to face interviews of the customers, surveys and many other tools.

Shelf layout is another important thing which should not be forgotten when in store design is being done. Good shelf layout makes visibility and findability easy for customers. They don't have to spend time on searching for little things. Everything should be so well organised that its easy to find.

Read More here about how shopper reasearch can add difference to retail design

At Ignite Retail, one of UK's most promising retail design agencies, helping many big brands with the marketing and retail designing.

By spending prominent time and energy on in store design, really improves in the number of customers.
It's a challenge to design the in store for every business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

Contact Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail, for retail design services.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Make your brand with Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail, a retail design agency, can help you to turn your brand into a famous brand and improve your customers every month.

Recent project by Ignite:

Campaign: ZEISS lenses:  Precious Eyes
Objective: To enlighten consumers of the importance of their lens choice and to persuade consumers to ask for ZEISS lenses by name.
Result: We created & produced a Value For Money, High-Quality  10 sec Digital Poster for Shopping Malls

We also help you to build a perfect commercial environment to your retail store. Not only this, our professional team has expertise in in store desigining as well.

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Retail Stores shuts in the UK

UK has been through economic downfall this year. All retail stores struggling to keep their customer base on the high streets. Competition amongst the store has worsened the condition even more.

High Street shop vacancy rates have risen to 17% in Wales while the UK saw a slight reduction.

According to British Retail Consortium, four stores have been shut down recently.
Read More about plight of UK retail stores and reduction in vacancies here.

Ignite Retail, an established retail design agency is providing consultancy to stores to help fight these difficult times. Ignite recently did in store designing for Aston Martin which came out as a success.

Not only this, there are other big brands associated with Ignite. Team of retail design professionals make it easier for the clients to achieve what they desired for.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

How much UK Retailers pay tax - Ignite Retail

Retailers in the UK pay high level of tax on property including business rates.
"UK property taxes account for 12.1% of overall commercial taxes, the third highest proportion of tax from commercial property among the 34 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to research commissioned by the BRC. That compares with Germany’s figure of 2.3%, and France’s of 8.5%."

Continue Reading here

Ignite Retail are EXPERT RETAIL DESIGNERS and have 20 years expertise in international strategic design & bespoke build.

We design retail for all continents and all time zones; in conjunction with our studio in Beijing we can provide a 24/7 design service when needed and between us we speak 9 languages fluently (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish).
We take pride in how we design retail environments (shopper psychology + good business acumen) and what we design (exciting, creative and innovative).

So we are a retail design agency who can help you to build customer relations.

Interactive Display improving in-store experience - Ignite Retail

In this mordern world of online shopping, physical stores are struggling to grab customer's attention. Everyone is happy with the convenience of online stores and things being delivered.

Now, how and where in-store need to put in effort to best capture the hearts and minds of your shoppers? Here are some more tips on how to get the best in store store that could help retailers augment online shopping world.

Read more here

At Ignite Retail, UK's established retail design company, has also given best in store designs to UK's top most brands.

In retail environment. street displays, window posters make a lot of difference to the number of customers taking interest in your store. At Ignite, we help you to come up with creative ideas to capture attention of passersby. Many stores do put giant displays outside to get the cusomters walk into their store. Different retail environment has different strategy depending on the targeted customer.

Visit Ignite Retail website for more information on retail design and exhibition design. Get in touch with one of our professional retail designer to help you bringing back up your sales.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Ignite Retail is global

Ignite Retail, professional company providing creative retail design services, based in london.

We design retail sites for global brands, one-off boutiques, flagship salons and travel retail environments.  We work with all the major department stores globally.  So we can imaginatively adapt your in-store design to any given (white space) environment or create a new / exclusive retail offer.

Ignite Retail is associated with many big brands.


Customer Review: 
It’s been a pleasure working with you - I just love the chase of the consumer insight, and working to bring about a genuine breakthrough has been a super journey.   

Visit Ignite Retail website for more information our services.

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Retail Stores in Spring Loss - Ignite Retail

Its mid june and Britain is still gripped in chilly winds. Optimistic Shoppers look for spring season. Because of the disturbance in weather cycle, retail stores are having tough times. Shoppers do want to buy summer clothes as its cold enough to wear woolen jackets. This winter is considered to be the coldest in 50 years. Retail stores saw like-for-like sales fall 1.4% after a particularly poor final week in May, the BDO High Street Sales Tracker revealed.

Read More here

Ignite Retail is UK's one of the most promising companygiving high quality retail designs with assistance in intereior designing.

At Ignite, we also help our customers with brand marketing and to help the retail stores to get attention on the customers.

Our designs Turn Shoppers into Buyers

We understand how a shopper shops.  And we help her become a smart shopper by creating the retail design elements of your brand to work strategically & holistically together, ensuring your total brand communication is like a seamless garment
We take the shopper on a journey to remind her what she needs > help her buy what she wants quickly > and show her what’s new & exciting.  So, our design for your brand makes the shopper feel she is in control and informed by her shopping experience = higher sales.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Recent Retail Designs by Paula Dowie

Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail based in London is a retail design agency, has worked with many big brands to help with in store designing.

Brands like Lancome, Aston Martin, Gucci, Olay and many more.....

Ignite Retail has worked hard to give these brands best retail stores in london which in turn helped to  bring loads of customers and improve sales and profits as well...

Are you looking to get your retail store refurbished or redesigned? Get in touch with Ignite Retail. Our retail designer professionals will be able to help you.

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Shopper Research - Retail Design Benefits

How shopper research understanding can help in retail design benefit?

The shopper research can help brand and other local shop to benefit and have better retail design.
Shopnographies, mystery shopping, face to face interviews and intercepts are usually the most important measures to do shopper research.

It helps to analyse how to improve the actions to make shopper's experience better.

Read More here

At Ignite Retail, we strive to take every possible effort to give shoppers a better experience by world's best retail designs.

Visit our website for more information on in store designs and branding development.

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ignite Retail - Aston Martin Case Study

IGNITE DESIGN LTD is one of the leading retail design agencies with offices in London (Head Office) and Beijing.

A recent design success is the newly opened retail space in Harrods for the bespoke international silversmith Grant MacDonald and their exclusive new luxury range - Silver by Aston Martin.

Given the Silver Room is full of shiny metal products predominantly displayed on black gloss units, the challenge we faced was to create a real point of difference and make the products the hero. So firstly, we took our Inspiration from both art installations and museum displays of rare & priceless artefacts that give space and gravitas to each individual object”, says Paula Dowie, Managing Partner at Ignite.

The finished environment had to “look gorgeous” says Paula. “And everything we designed had to exude quality. Secondly, it was highly important to create an environment which would enhance the very shiny gold & silver products; so we selected materials to perfectly compliment the expertly crafted products on display. A combination of depth, dimension, matt lacquered finishes, laminates and the subtle use of the iconic Aston Martin logo, together with the department’s generic gold wall backdrop, all come together to present a story of traditional yet contemporary, highly exclusive craftsmanship.”

We created a Simplistic Architectural approach to presenting the products using modular cubes rather than glass shelves which creates a more unique display environment and allows merchandising versatility, says Dominic Plumb, Ignite’s Creative Director.

He continues “intentionally selected subtle changes in texture and finish work with the Aston Martin ethos of quality engineering & style giving visual definition and luxury - while keeping the overall retail display as a backdrop in order to enhance  the silver and gold products”.
As well as creating a luxury and fluid environment, the carefully considered design allowed for manufacturing against a tight budget and deadline, whilst conforming to the new Harrods environmental guidelines.
Our clients were delighted with our design work and detailed assistance throughout the manufacturing process,” adds Paula.

For more information on retail design and in store communication, contact ignite retail today.

Retail Design by Paula Dowie - Ignite Retail

For more than 20 years, Ignite has been designing stunning retail environments for global brands. They combine creativity & shopper psychology with the brand’s business objectives to disrupt & inspire consumers at the First Moment of Truth. Not only is this a winning combination but additionally, Ignite’s Retail Designs are practical to manufacture and finished environments will look like the approved concept. 

Client Testimonial

We have valued the patience and experience of the team at Ignite during the design & manufacture of our first boutique store.
Not only did they create a stunning design which enhances and complements the quality of our products, but they have also created a retail design language for us which expresses a real point of difference.
The end result - a sleek and contemporary space which is inviting to customers, heroes our products and underpins our brand identity. We are thrilled.

To further explore Ignite Retail Design’s luxury credentials and creative and flexible approach contact Paula Dowie direct on 0208 876 7972 or email at paula.dowie@igniteretail.com.
For further information visit www.igniteretail.com


Sunday, 19 May 2013


Having designed the perfect concept for your brand in-store, we will bring it to life – either acting as Consultants with your existing manufacturers or using a one of our trusted manufacturer partners.  This part of the process is extremely important as frequently the essential retail design is not sufficiently understood by manufacturers or it can be led by budget.  We will ensure that the best possible prototype is created – to your budget and on time.

Ignite Retail is a professional when comes to installation management. Highly trained staff, expert retail designers help retail store owners to earn revenue.  Whether its a marketing campaign, brand management or refreshing the look of your store, Ignite can help with all sorts of things.

If you have already worked Ignite Retail in the past, please leave your feedback on our facebook page. We will be happy to know it and improve accordingly.

Don't forget to check out in store design service information on our website.

Retail Sector - Business Rates Impact

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee, led an inquiry few weeks ago to find out how the increasing business rates system impact the retailers. This was launched after seeing the condition of the high streets with Jessops, HMV like big brands going into administration this year.

The work is being done by retail week and the british retail consortium to get a better business rates system to achieve the stable condition of high street.
 Read More here

Ignite Retail is a retail design agency based in London also help retail store how to fight with difficult economic conditions and recession. At ignite, we have a team of professionals who are expert in retail designing and in store, brand marketing and many more.

We have worked with many big brands in th UK like D&G, OLAY, Harrods and many more...

Get in touch with us to know more about retail design benefits.

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

More brands More Retail Design

Ignite Retail Design has recently done retail design for more brands...Not only retail design but also in store design.

Check it out:

We have many satisfied customers. Also, retail design is essential for every business and we are expert in this field.

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Saving UK Retail Stores - Ignite Retail

Recently due to economic ups and downs, major retail stores in the UK are going through bad times. Like Jessops, HMV and many more...

Customer attitude needs to be changed to come back in the industry. No one likes to buy expensive products. With the online market growing so fast and everyone having access to internet, it makes shopping very easy for everyone. Hence, for the retail stores, cost cutting is very important to get customer attraction.

Read More here 

Ignite Retail Design is based in the heart of london specialising in retail designs. Helping big brands to improve income and customer base.

Here are some retail design done by Ignite Retail:

Get in touch with us for more information in store design.

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