Sunday, 30 March 2014

Whats new in Beauty? - Ignite Review

Japonesque Beauty Brand - John Lewis - Complete turn-key solution by Ignite Design from Concept retail design to installation of 4 sites in 10 weeks.

Whats new in beauty?

Beauty DIY is Key:

Giving people what they want, how they want it is a key trend underlined by an even bigger trend, giving consumers the tools to do it themselves. It picks up on the interest of 'show your working' - type marketing in which luxury brands demonstrate their craft in a public, how-to format.

Customers appreciate knowing the provenance and craft behind their favourite products and when it comes to beauty, we're seeing an emerging lab-style workshop approach in retail laying out products in a help-yourself environment reminiscent of a beauty science lab. The effect is interactive and inviting rather than clinical - the laboratory being seen as a seductive place where magical alchemy happens.

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