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Ignite Retail - Aston Martin Case Study

IGNITE DESIGN LTD is one of the leading retail design agencies with offices in London (Head Office) and Beijing.

A recent design success is the newly opened retail space in Harrods for the bespoke international silversmith Grant MacDonald and their exclusive new luxury range - Silver by Aston Martin.

Given the Silver Room is full of shiny metal products predominantly displayed on black gloss units, the challenge we faced was to create a real point of difference and make the products the hero. So firstly, we took our Inspiration from both art installations and museum displays of rare & priceless artefacts that give space and gravitas to each individual object”, says Paula Dowie, Managing Partner at Ignite.

The finished environment had to “look gorgeous” says Paula. “And everything we designed had to exude quality. Secondly, it was highly important to create an environment which would enhance the very shiny gold & silver products; so we selected materials to perfectly compliment the expertly crafted products on display. A combination of depth, dimension, matt lacquered finishes, laminates and the subtle use of the iconic Aston Martin logo, together with the department’s generic gold wall backdrop, all come together to present a story of traditional yet contemporary, highly exclusive craftsmanship.”

We created a Simplistic Architectural approach to presenting the products using modular cubes rather than glass shelves which creates a more unique display environment and allows merchandising versatility, says Dominic Plumb, Ignite’s Creative Director.

He continues “intentionally selected subtle changes in texture and finish work with the Aston Martin ethos of quality engineering & style giving visual definition and luxury - while keeping the overall retail display as a backdrop in order to enhance  the silver and gold products”.
As well as creating a luxury and fluid environment, the carefully considered design allowed for manufacturing against a tight budget and deadline, whilst conforming to the new Harrods environmental guidelines.
Our clients were delighted with our design work and detailed assistance throughout the manufacturing process,” adds Paula.

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Retail Design by Paula Dowie - Ignite Retail

For more than 20 years, Ignite has been designing stunning retail environments for global brands. They combine creativity & shopper psychology with the brand’s business objectives to disrupt & inspire consumers at the First Moment of Truth. Not only is this a winning combination but additionally, Ignite’s Retail Designs are practical to manufacture and finished environments will look like the approved concept. 

Client Testimonial

We have valued the patience and experience of the team at Ignite during the design & manufacture of our first boutique store.
Not only did they create a stunning design which enhances and complements the quality of our products, but they have also created a retail design language for us which expresses a real point of difference.
The end result - a sleek and contemporary space which is inviting to customers, heroes our products and underpins our brand identity. We are thrilled.

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Having designed the perfect concept for your brand in-store, we will bring it to life – either acting as Consultants with your existing manufacturers or using a one of our trusted manufacturer partners.  This part of the process is extremely important as frequently the essential retail design is not sufficiently understood by manufacturers or it can be led by budget.  We will ensure that the best possible prototype is created – to your budget and on time.

Ignite Retail is a professional when comes to installation management. Highly trained staff, expert retail designers help retail store owners to earn revenue.  Whether its a marketing campaign, brand management or refreshing the look of your store, Ignite can help with all sorts of things.

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Retail Sector - Business Rates Impact

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee, led an inquiry few weeks ago to find out how the increasing business rates system impact the retailers. This was launched after seeing the condition of the high streets with Jessops, HMV like big brands going into administration this year.

The work is being done by retail week and the british retail consortium to get a better business rates system to achieve the stable condition of high street.
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Ignite Retail is a retail design agency based in London also help retail store how to fight with difficult economic conditions and recession. At ignite, we have a team of professionals who are expert in retail designing and in store, brand marketing and many more.

We have worked with many big brands in th UK like D&G, OLAY, Harrods and many more...

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

More brands More Retail Design

Ignite Retail Design has recently done retail design for more brands...Not only retail design but also in store design.

Check it out:

We have many satisfied customers. Also, retail design is essential for every business and we are expert in this field.

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Saving UK Retail Stores - Ignite Retail

Recently due to economic ups and downs, major retail stores in the UK are going through bad times. Like Jessops, HMV and many more...

Customer attitude needs to be changed to come back in the industry. No one likes to buy expensive products. With the online market growing so fast and everyone having access to internet, it makes shopping very easy for everyone. Hence, for the retail stores, cost cutting is very important to get customer attraction.

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Ignite Retail Design is based in the heart of london specialising in retail designs. Helping big brands to improve income and customer base.

Here are some retail design done by Ignite Retail:

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Future of retail design here....

Ignite Retail is a growing retail design agency based in the UK. Today we are discussing about the future of retail design. Where is it going?

How retail design should be evolved in future to engage more consumers in the difficult economic times?

At Ignite Retail, we have helped many brand with in store designing as 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store.  What is clear is that in-store communication will become increasingly crucial for brand success and that considering this from early stage product development will become a priority.

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We will be happy to read your comments on future of retail design.

Increasing your business with retail design - Ignite Retail

Increasing your business with improved retail design by Paula dowie, owner of Ignite Retail. At ignite retail, we will help you to boost your retail sales.

Paula Dowie's background revolves around specialising in retail designining and in store designing. She has worked with many big brands and help them to achieve high numbers. It is this knowledge of creating units for a competitive sector that has given him a deep understanding of how to make the most of retail.

You have to make it easy for the customers to shop easily so you don't confuse them by displaying so many products and in no order.

Here are some examples of retail designs :

Recently, Ignite Retail worked with OLAY.

 We believe that Retail Design is the first key point of impact, where consumers will decide whether or not to buy.

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