Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ignite Retail Design Core Skillset

Ignite Retail Design aims to shoppers into buyers with their creative retail designs and in store communication.

Here is core skillset of Ignite:

Conceptual Design: Ignite Retail always look at the retail design from the customers’ point of view and marry that with the brand’s business objective, whilst ensuring own able innovation. And we do this regardless of the size of the site – whether it’s for a 1m unit or an entire new environment – so maximum customer engagement is reached.

3D Visuals: We help you to show the details of the retail design before implementing it.

Tech Drawings: Our technical experience and expertise means we can create Technical Drawings Elevations of the design detail for costing & construction .  

FLYTHROUGHS : An animated video tells a million words. Our 3D fly-through animations are the best way to tell the complete story about any new retail or architectural visualization, project or in store design.

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Retail Design for Big Brands - Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail is a retail design company and has a team of professionals who are dedicated towards retail designing. It is one of the best retail design agency in London. Ignite has worked with many brands like Marks & Spencer, Paul & Joe, Dior, Gucci, Harrods, Diageo, Olay and many more.

Here is a some of the retail design work:


Ignite Design are highly creative & resourceful designers.  Given the no of skus Paul & Joe consistently have to merchandise, and the comparative size of our site at Harrods, Ignite did a great job of designing our unit to present our cosmetics in an accessible way for customers to browse & test.  They design from the customer viewpoint, so create maximum impact for our brand.  We are delighted with their strategic creativity and positive on time, on budget response.
Annie Bruce, Paul & Joe.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spa Designs by Ignite Retail London

Ignite Retail Design also expertise in spa designing. Here are some of our recent spa designs :

At Ignite, we have a team of skilled and competent retail designers. Our experience in retail designing and conceptual designing help us to give new edge to the brands and compelete new in store environment.

Do visit our website to check examples of our work in retail and spa design.

3D Visuals and Tech Drawings - Retail Design

Ignite Retail, a retail design agency, has done professional in store designing for many big brand and retail store.

3D Visuals and Tech drawings are used to bring conceptual design to realistic design.

Our 3d visuals really bring to life the design concept in a photo-realistic way.

Whether it’s your product, your store environment, an interior environment or whatever – we can create 3d visuals which really show the detail of what you need.  This is especially useful if you are trying to elevate your brand to a better in-store position: the retailer can quickly see and evaluate your proposition based on the high quality and accuracy of our 3d visuals.

Floor Plans
The floor plan design of a site is essential to the customer flow and to your business objective.
Our site planning experts, in London & Beijing, can deliver your DNA  across any site globally.  We know most department stores around the world,  so we can help you to be innovative even when the rules suggest you cannot.  We  will adapt your in store designs to  deliver the best execution for your brand in any given environment.

Our technical experience and expertise means we can create Technical Drawings Elevations of the design detail for costing & construction . 

Brands only benefit from seamless integration of technology - Ignite Retail

Retailers and brand owners must never lose sight of the fact that there are only three reasons to use technology in store: to drive product sales, improve customer communications and enhance brand image.

It is the job of the visual merchandiser to seamlessly integrate technology into the brand proposition and this according to retail guru Paula Dowie, Managing Partner of Ignite Retail Design, requires as much creative thought as all other elements of counter design.

We are all excited about where technology could take retailing but we cannot afford to stand back and admire it simply for what it is,” says Paula. “It can therefore never be a question of just putting a screen on a wall and thinking job done. Instead the use of technology can only be justified where it adds value to a specific retail sales operation.

This fits in very well with my ‘aisle to armchair’ approach to retail design,” continues Paula. “By this I mean that a customer’s expectations of a brand are sustained throughout the communication process. The relevance of the high-tech visual images contained with a TV commercial, for instance, must also be translated into the brand environment in-store to ensure there is no disconnect at any stage of a customer’s experience.”

Having over 20 years experience working with leading international brands, multiple retailers and top spas including L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Selfridges, Marks & Spencer and Urban Retreat,as well as developing the retail businesses of niche products and independent salons, Paula and her team at Ignite have a thorough understanding of what works in store.

To see how Ignite Retail Design creative and flexible approach together with its record of delivering above expectation, has turned many of the world’s leading beauty product retailers and brands into their customers, visit or
contact Paula Dowie direct - T: 020 8875 2341 E:

We also assist with in store designing to give your retail store a brand new look.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ignite’s growing reputation leads to company relocation

Following a successful series of retail design projects completed recently for a growing client base of companies operating across the luxury goods and premium beauty sectors, Ignite Retail Design has relocated its principal design and innovation office to Barnes in South West London.
Having for the last several years been based in the Wandsworth area of London, Managing Partner Paula Dowie felt now was the right time to take the company into a new and highly prestigious location. 

“The move builds upon what has been a very encouraging period for the company,” says Paula. “All of our work comes through recommendation and so we have been thrilled to have worked over recent months with some of the biggest names in luxury retailing, as well as some of the internationally best known beauty and drinks firms, world leaders like Harrods, Grant Macdonald, Procter & Gamble, LancĂ´me Parim, Heineken and Drambuie.”
Ignite Retail Design is now based at 15 Church Road, London SW13 9HE.
To find out more about Ignite Retail Design’s creative and flexible approach to all design and retail promotional work contact Paula Dowie direct on 020 8876 7972 or email her at

ZEISS focuses on Manchester lens wearers

Mancunian wearers of contact lenses and glasses will find it almost impossible to ignore the health and performance advantages of asking their opticians for ZEISS lenses as a result of a multimedia campaign created by Ignite Retail Design.

Using Manchester as a test bed, ZEISS approached Ignite Retail Design to create a consumer campaign that would explain the health and performance benefits of specifying professionally engineered eyewear from a world-leading manufacturer.

Ignite Retail Design’s objective is to generate awareness for ZEISS lenses at its point of sale and in media inhabited by its key consumers. The communication challenge is explained by Paula Dowie, Managing Partner, Ignite Retail Design. “Generally people are only focused on selecting the frame and completely leave the decision of the lens to the optician. However, when you think that you only have one pair or eyes and just how precious they are – being more aware of the type of lens is extremely important!

So we have created and executed an external media campaign and in-store point of sale support aimed at getting people to think about their lenses and to ask specifically for ZEISS lenses to get the best from their specs.”

The message is being conveyed by high-profile 48 sheet and 6 sheet posters around Manchester and in the Arndale shopping centre, lead and mid-page banners on strategic websites accessible by PC’s, laptops and mobiles, plus a cinema commercial produced by the design company.

To further explore Ignite Retail Design’s creative and flexible approach to all in store design and retail promotions, contact Paula Dowie direct on 020 8876 7972 or email her at

In Store Design - Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail's 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store.  Which is why Brand communication in store is particularly crucial because it takes place at a pivotal stage in the journey towards the brand purchase decision, with the ultimate goal being to influence that decision.
However, the store actually plays a very different role in relation to brand communication. While the consumer is exposed to holistic, multi-layered communication which accumulates over time, shopper exposure is rapid and transitory, relying heavily on visuals and symbols.
As such, it is no surprise that consumer communication is used to create brand equity with consumption needs defining a brand’s positioning and communication route. In addition however, shopper communication can be used to elicit and support that brand equity. In this instance, the key task is to identify the best connection points to trigger a consumer response.

In store touch points
Many types of shopper communication are available to support the brand in store: POS signs, displays, in-store design etc and these are unique to retail.
As well as facilitating the search and selection process, shelf space, placement and signage can all play a role in positioning and supporting the brand.
And of course, the pack itself is a vital brand connection point. It plays an important but quite different role for consumer and shopper. For the consumer, it is integral to consumption. For the shopper, it is integral to communication, driving awareness and visibility, triggering brand identity and communicating specific messages.
In order to optimise brand performance, it is crucial to select the right contact points in store and maximise the brand connections which take place. To achieve this, one must understand how to:
- ensure shoppers actually look at a brand and its communication
- harness shopper behaviour
- motivate shoppers to buy

What is clear is that in-store communication will become increasingly crucial for brand success and that considering this from early stage product development will become a priority.

Contact Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail, for more information on in-store design and retail design.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Improve In-Store Design Experience with Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail, one of the most upcoming company of the UK, helps to improve your in store design which would lead to increase in the number of repeat customers. Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail, has many years experience in in store and retail designing. For all the clients, financial plans are in proper control when in store designing is carried out.

- All shops should focus on products to keep more and more customers in the store.

- For all retail stores, the website is a key point to draw more customers in. Therefore, it is necessary to spend immese time on your website.

- One of the biggest design mistakes that retail store generally makes is that they fill their window with posters and other promotional displays which makes it impossible for anyone to see inside. Your window is your biggest showcase and therefore, its not advisable to put too many posters as potential customers won't know where to look.
- Making your store attractive will make customers stay inside the store for longer.

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Checklist for effective instore design

Are you plaaning to open a new store or redesign your retail store? The in store design is a key factor of success for all retail stores. It helps entice customers and make them purchase from your store. There are other factors which aid the success of store are maketing and advertising.
Effective In - Store design Checklist :
  • The in store design should have some attractive theme that reflects the values of your store.
  • Your store layout should be easy to walk around. All the things should be organised so it makes shopping for the customers effortless. Also for your staff to work around the store.
  • The space should be used wisely. It shouldn't overcrowd the store as it may dissapoint the customers. All the retail products should be categorised efficiently.
Paula Dowie, is the managing director of Ignite Retail, retail design company in the UK. She has been working in this field for many years and designed high end retail store for many big brands. She belives implementing an effective in store design requires team of professionals.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Benefits of Retail Design - Ignite Retail

There is an old saying "You never get a second chance to make first impression". Retail design is fundamental to any business or retail store. When a customer first visits you, he gains confidence in you and your product by the time spent on the retail design. It leaves a significant impact on the customers. For every business or retail store, customers' perception is important and should not be ignored. By spending prominent time and energy on in store design, really aids to make customers for lifetime and improves instant purchasing.

At Ignite Retail, we understand the importance of retail design. Also, we provide conceptual design service to make shopping experience memorable for your customers.

Some retail store owners are confused whether to spend less on retail designing and save overheads and other expenditures. However, retail designing and shop lighting is something that will encourage customers to spend more time in your store which might lead to purchasing. If the store looks appealing, customer wants to spend more time.
So, to improve purchasing of your goods, it is important to have right retail design.

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Ignite Design work for Clients

Identifying & Simplifiying the brand message and speaking to the consumer in the right tone is of paramount importance. Success of the brand is reliant on the customer getting the message as quickly as possible.

At Ignite Retail, we have clients coming to us with their in-store issues / problems / needs and being able to work through them strategically to find the best solution which works well for the business model and the end-consumer.

Our Clients :

Marks & Spencer
System Professional

And many more. List of our clients is never ending. We strive to give the best and efficient services like retail designing and in store design to our clients. We have also done commercial interior design for many of our clients. Interior designing in the porfessional world is essential to leave a positive impact on the customer.

Do you want to see more retail design work?

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