Sunday, 14 April 2013

In Store Design - Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail's 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store.  Which is why Brand communication in store is particularly crucial because it takes place at a pivotal stage in the journey towards the brand purchase decision, with the ultimate goal being to influence that decision.
However, the store actually plays a very different role in relation to brand communication. While the consumer is exposed to holistic, multi-layered communication which accumulates over time, shopper exposure is rapid and transitory, relying heavily on visuals and symbols.
As such, it is no surprise that consumer communication is used to create brand equity with consumption needs defining a brand’s positioning and communication route. In addition however, shopper communication can be used to elicit and support that brand equity. In this instance, the key task is to identify the best connection points to trigger a consumer response.

In store touch points
Many types of shopper communication are available to support the brand in store: POS signs, displays, in-store design etc and these are unique to retail.
As well as facilitating the search and selection process, shelf space, placement and signage can all play a role in positioning and supporting the brand.
And of course, the pack itself is a vital brand connection point. It plays an important but quite different role for consumer and shopper. For the consumer, it is integral to consumption. For the shopper, it is integral to communication, driving awareness and visibility, triggering brand identity and communicating specific messages.
In order to optimise brand performance, it is crucial to select the right contact points in store and maximise the brand connections which take place. To achieve this, one must understand how to:
- ensure shoppers actually look at a brand and its communication
- harness shopper behaviour
- motivate shoppers to buy

What is clear is that in-store communication will become increasingly crucial for brand success and that considering this from early stage product development will become a priority.

Contact Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail, for more information on in-store design and retail design.

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