Monday, 24 June 2013

Make your brand with Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail, a retail design agency, can help you to turn your brand into a famous brand and improve your customers every month.

Recent project by Ignite:

Campaign: ZEISS lenses:  Precious Eyes
Objective: To enlighten consumers of the importance of their lens choice and to persuade consumers to ask for ZEISS lenses by name.
Result: We created & produced a Value For Money, High-Quality  10 sec Digital Poster for Shopping Malls

We also help you to build a perfect commercial environment to your retail store. Not only this, our professional team has expertise in in store desigining as well.

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Retail Stores shuts in the UK

UK has been through economic downfall this year. All retail stores struggling to keep their customer base on the high streets. Competition amongst the store has worsened the condition even more.

High Street shop vacancy rates have risen to 17% in Wales while the UK saw a slight reduction.

According to British Retail Consortium, four stores have been shut down recently.
Read More about plight of UK retail stores and reduction in vacancies here.

Ignite Retail, an established retail design agency is providing consultancy to stores to help fight these difficult times. Ignite recently did in store designing for Aston Martin which came out as a success.

Not only this, there are other big brands associated with Ignite. Team of retail design professionals make it easier for the clients to achieve what they desired for.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

How much UK Retailers pay tax - Ignite Retail

Retailers in the UK pay high level of tax on property including business rates.
"UK property taxes account for 12.1% of overall commercial taxes, the third highest proportion of tax from commercial property among the 34 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to research commissioned by the BRC. That compares with Germany’s figure of 2.3%, and France’s of 8.5%."

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Ignite Retail are EXPERT RETAIL DESIGNERS and have 20 years expertise in international strategic design & bespoke build.

We design retail for all continents and all time zones; in conjunction with our studio in Beijing we can provide a 24/7 design service when needed and between us we speak 9 languages fluently (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish).
We take pride in how we design retail environments (shopper psychology + good business acumen) and what we design (exciting, creative and innovative).

So we are a retail design agency who can help you to build customer relations.

Interactive Display improving in-store experience - Ignite Retail

In this mordern world of online shopping, physical stores are struggling to grab customer's attention. Everyone is happy with the convenience of online stores and things being delivered.

Now, how and where in-store need to put in effort to best capture the hearts and minds of your shoppers? Here are some more tips on how to get the best in store store that could help retailers augment online shopping world.

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At Ignite Retail, UK's established retail design company, has also given best in store designs to UK's top most brands.

In retail environment. street displays, window posters make a lot of difference to the number of customers taking interest in your store. At Ignite, we help you to come up with creative ideas to capture attention of passersby. Many stores do put giant displays outside to get the cusomters walk into their store. Different retail environment has different strategy depending on the targeted customer.

Visit Ignite Retail website for more information on retail design and exhibition design. Get in touch with one of our professional retail designer to help you bringing back up your sales.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Ignite Retail is global

Ignite Retail, professional company providing creative retail design services, based in london.

We design retail sites for global brands, one-off boutiques, flagship salons and travel retail environments.  We work with all the major department stores globally.  So we can imaginatively adapt your in-store design to any given (white space) environment or create a new / exclusive retail offer.

Ignite Retail is associated with many big brands.


Customer Review: 
It’s been a pleasure working with you - I just love the chase of the consumer insight, and working to bring about a genuine breakthrough has been a super journey.   

Visit Ignite Retail website for more information our services.

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Retail Stores in Spring Loss - Ignite Retail

Its mid june and Britain is still gripped in chilly winds. Optimistic Shoppers look for spring season. Because of the disturbance in weather cycle, retail stores are having tough times. Shoppers do want to buy summer clothes as its cold enough to wear woolen jackets. This winter is considered to be the coldest in 50 years. Retail stores saw like-for-like sales fall 1.4% after a particularly poor final week in May, the BDO High Street Sales Tracker revealed.

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Ignite Retail is UK's one of the most promising companygiving high quality retail designs with assistance in intereior designing.

At Ignite, we also help our customers with brand marketing and to help the retail stores to get attention on the customers.

Our designs Turn Shoppers into Buyers

We understand how a shopper shops.  And we help her become a smart shopper by creating the retail design elements of your brand to work strategically & holistically together, ensuring your total brand communication is like a seamless garment
We take the shopper on a journey to remind her what she needs > help her buy what she wants quickly > and show her what’s new & exciting.  So, our design for your brand makes the shopper feel she is in control and informed by her shopping experience = higher sales.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Recent Retail Designs by Paula Dowie

Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail based in London is a retail design agency, has worked with many big brands to help with in store designing.

Brands like Lancome, Aston Martin, Gucci, Olay and many more.....

Ignite Retail has worked hard to give these brands best retail stores in london which in turn helped to  bring loads of customers and improve sales and profits as well...

Are you looking to get your retail store refurbished or redesigned? Get in touch with Ignite Retail. Our retail designer professionals will be able to help you.

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Shopper Research - Retail Design Benefits

How shopper research understanding can help in retail design benefit?

The shopper research can help brand and other local shop to benefit and have better retail design.
Shopnographies, mystery shopping, face to face interviews and intercepts are usually the most important measures to do shopper research.

It helps to analyse how to improve the actions to make shopper's experience better.

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At Ignite Retail, we strive to take every possible effort to give shoppers a better experience by world's best retail designs.

Visit our website for more information on in store designs and branding development.

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