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Ignite Retail is UK's one of the prominent company providing retail design and in store communication. At Ignite, all the efforts are made to give the maximum benefit to the client with the services.

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" It’s been a pleasure working with you - I just love the chase of the consumer insight, and working to bring about a genuine breakthrough has been a super journey.  "

"Very happy with your retail designers. Very professional attitude"

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Importance of Retail Design

Now, more than ever, Retail design involves more than just creating the physical space in which the goods are sold. Retail design encompasses an understanding of what will work aesthetically in a retail environment and includes tangible elements (fixtures / communication / materials) and intangible design elements (the atmospherics and ambience), as well as including how the store will perform functionally and commercially, what the brand objectives are, how customers will interact with the brand and delivering the new design to an agreed budget.

Importance of Retail Design

For any business customers are important. Retail design is a key element to draw customers to the shop. With the large windows outside, it helps to catch attention of the passers by and give them the idea of the product inside. 

A creative and professional retail designer must create an astounding experience for the customers by using the space to the maximum that will charm the customers to purchase goods.

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What is Conceptual Design? - Ignite Retail

Today’s consumers expect and demand more than just the product itself – and their wants have a bigger appetite than their needs. It is also accepted that, acting on a conscious and sub-conscious level, the physical retail space can have as much effect upon the consumers’ perceptions of a brand / store as the quality of the goods themselves. So, as a result, brands and stores are increasingly committed to creating a slice of retail theatre when translating the brand to the instore environment.

When we create instore designs for our clients, we work with them to assess what the new instore design needs to achieve. Frequently, “flexibility, modularity & WOW factor” are vital requirements of the brief.

Our point of difference is that we always look at the retail design from the customers’ point of view and marry that with the brand’s business objective, whilst ensuring own able innovation. And we do this regardless of the size of the site – whether it’s for a 1m unit or an entire new environment – so maximum customer engagement is reached.

Part of looking at the customers’ point of view is that we ensure we understand what customers need in order to enjoy the shopping experience more. So, starting with the current issues / barriers we eventually reach the understanding of what will enable a customer to be more comfortable in the new surroundings and therefore come back time and time.

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We believe that Retail Design is the first key point of impact, where consumers will decide whether or not to buy. 

The past 3 years have been tough in retail, so every £, $, € invested is crucial.  

We think it is vital that the Retail Design Principles are worked to the core to ensure the best opportunity for customer engagement in your retail environment. 

Be better than the competition. Avoid the predictable. 

We are constantly developing new techniques for maximizing your retail space.  We do this in line with our continued Shopper Psychology research, to achieve that maximum impact at the first decision point.

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Retail Design Services by Ignite Retail

Retail Design Services at Ignite Retail

Designing the interior of a retail space is a challenge and most important for the business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

At Ignite Retail, we offer conceptual drawings, 3D visuals, Tech drawings and many more services to help your business and give it a better storefront.

Conceptual Drawings - A retail designer works closely with the store owner and conceptually analyse all the areas of the store. 

3D Visuals - It is always better to see your store in 3D world before actually implementing it. It helps to deal with complexity of the space.

Retail designers are also reponsible for electing artwork and furnishings to be included in the store.

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Ignite Retail on BBC

Ignite Retail, is one of Uk's leading retail design agency, has designed retail environments for many top brands in the UK.

Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail featured in BBC to share views on improving shoppers experience.

Brands are constantly fighting to get your attention and keep it. One new approach is "retail theatre".
It's about surprising the shopper and giving them an experience, says Paula Dowie, managing partner at retail design agency Ignite Design.

"Good retail design is about disrupting the consumer's thinking, getting them to notice you and making them linger for longer," she says.
In the crowded perfume market that's hard. People usually stop, spray and move on in a matter of seconds. Now luxury brands like Gucci are using the eye-tracking technology to keep their attention.
Digital screens behind display stands are activated when a perfume bottle is picked up, flashing images to seduce you. Eye-tracking systems are fixed into screens to gather data so the images can be personalised. And it's all done a matter of seconds.
"Certain software programs can gather huge amounts of data on you almost instantly," says Dowie. 
"Age, gender, what you're looking at - that sort of thing. If you're a young women or a middle-aged man, images are then flashed up that will appeal to you."
As the technology becomes more widely available it will filter down to High Street shops, she adds. 

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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Wanting an exclusive and experiential environment, the UK’s leading Lash experts, Lash Perfect,  asked us to design their new flagship lash & brow bar in the heart of Soho.

The Lash Bar has been carefully designed to create the ultimate industry renowned experience.  A gorgeous environment, the flagship spans nearly 900sq ft, over three floors and boasts four luxe treatment areas, decadently designed for the privacy and comfort of clients.

Sitting prominently amongst the eclectic boutiques and coffee houses within the back streets of Carnaby, the Lash Perfect Lash Bar’s dreamy blue and white exterior attracts tourists, locals and VIPS. Inside, a boudoir of rich aqua marines, soft lighting and luxurious velvety textures creates the exclusive haven.

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Brands only benefit from seamless integration of technology

Retailers and brand owners must never lose sight of the fact that there are only three reasons to use technology in store: to drive product sales, improve customer communications and enhance brand image.

It is the job of the visual merchandiser to seamlessly integrate technology into the brand proposition and this according to retail guru Paula Dowie, Managing Partner of Ignite Retail Design, requires as much creative thought as all other elements of counter design.

We are all excited about where technology could take retailing but we cannot afford to stand back and admire it simply for what it is,” says Paula. “It can therefore never be a question of just putting a screen on a wall and thinking job done. Instead the use of technology can only be justified where it adds value to a specific retail sales operation.

This fits in very well with my ‘aisle to armchair’ approach to retail design,” continues Paula. “By this I mean that a customer’s expectations of a brand are sustained throughout the communication process. The relevance of the high-tech visual images contained with a TV commercial, for instance, must also be translated into the brand environment in-store to ensure there is no disconnect at any stage of a customer’s experience.”

Having over 20 years experience working with leading international brands, multiple retailers and top spas including L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Selfridges, Marks & Spencer and Urban Retreat,as well as developing the retail businesses of niche products and independent salons, Paula and her team at Ignite have a thorough understanding of what works in store.

To see how Ignite Retail Design creative and flexible approach together with its record of delivering above expectation, has turned many of the world’s leading beauty product retailers, improving in-store designs and brands into their customers, visit or
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Five Minutes With...Your Beauty Assistant - Ignite Retail

Five Minutes With... is a new series of interviews on with leading personalities from across the industry.

The objective is to obtain the views from top people in the business about what they feel about the industry, what excites them about their companies and brands and what is important to them in their personal lives (causes, charities, friends, politics, arts luxuries etc).

So if someone spent five minutes with the interviewee they would leave with a good understanding of why they have been so successful and what kind of person they are.

The questions are not published, only the answers in the form of a statement

The answers - or each statement - should be brief: one, two or a maximum of three sentences.

The questions below are not in any order and it is not mandatory to answer all or any of them; instead, should he or she wish, the interviewee can pen their own profile of themselves by answering (in statement form) their own questions.

The ‘interview’ will be prefaced by a short introduction written by yourbeautyassistant.

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The essence of this design-whether a podium or wall unit- is to display all the fragrances together horizontally, ensuring the best opportunity for the shopper to test all the fragrances.
This display presents a more unconventional column design with 3 meter high and 250mm wide customised screens, featuring 3 testers on each side-creating high brand visibility for transgender shoppers in a competitive environment.
The displays are currently on a 3 month test to establish the true ROI in 16 stores in Germany – however staff in the trial stores are very excited about the increased level of activity of sales – and it is highly likely that the planned global roll-out will go ahead for Oct, Nov, Dec 2012.

IgniteDesign’s Managing Partner, Paula Dowie, says
We have created Breakthrough designs for this category, using a combination of design and technology. Too often all we see in-stores are randomly placed screens, with non-specific footage – whereas we think it is important that the technology is part of the overall in store design and the content message should enhance the shopper’s brand experience.”

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Spas and salons need retail design - Ignite Retail

Retail design guru Paula Dowie is using her vast experience of department store merchandising working with some of the world’s leading consumer beauty brands, to transform sales of products and treatments in the ever-expanding spa and salon sector.

This is an area which has so much untapped potential,” says Paula, Managing Partner at Ignite Retail Design. “There is an enormous opportunity for owners to really maximise their retail sales. Their overheads are already paid for, so designing the retail displays in a way which their clients will engage with is an easy way of boosting the spa’s or salon’s profits for comparatively little cost. There is little point in re-inventing the wheel, we have been working for years in this sector and we know what it takes to make it happen.”

With a string of successful spa and salon Design & Project Management contracts already completed, both in the UK and overseas, Paula is intent on moving forward with progressive companies in the business.

Now is the time to really compete for sales, she says. “It is not just a question of creating beautiful environments, our architecture has to actively sell and everything we do supports that premise. That means that the therapist must feel comfortable in the environment in which she works and empowered to sell product and treatments; brands must be given the prominence they need to realise their sales potential across all outlets and clients must feel they can browse, test and explore the retail offering.
Sometimes this requires a great deal of work and on other occasions we can simply critique operations and suggest quite minor improvements, but the sales figure results are often fantastic.”

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Restricted space excites Ignite’s creativity

Niche brands seemingly constrained by tight budgets need not be backed into a corner when it comes to commissioning creative product merchandising in store, says retail design guru Paula Dowie, Managing Partner of Ignite Retail Design.

We love the challenge of helping smaller brands punch above their weight,” says Paula. “While retail space in departments stores is at a premium, creativity and flexibility are what Ignite Retail Design is renowned for and our approach, tailored and affordable, puts the customer & product joint first, making the available sales area work as hard as it possibly can and disrupting habitual shoppers” says Paula.

In store all brands compete on the same playing field and this means each has to win its share of business by the power of its instore design, visual merchandising and practical ergonomic design. Ignite’s work for companies including Paul & Joe in Harrods and Selfridges, demonstrates how within a relatively small space a premium proposition can be expertly promoted and full provision can be made to support high numbers of sku’s, frequently changing promotions and the work of consultant staff.

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