Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ignite Retail on BBC

Ignite Retail, is one of Uk's leading retail design agency, has designed retail environments for many top brands in the UK.

Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail featured in BBC to share views on improving shoppers experience.

Brands are constantly fighting to get your attention and keep it. One new approach is "retail theatre".
It's about surprising the shopper and giving them an experience, says Paula Dowie, managing partner at retail design agency Ignite Design.

"Good retail design is about disrupting the consumer's thinking, getting them to notice you and making them linger for longer," she says.
In the crowded perfume market that's hard. People usually stop, spray and move on in a matter of seconds. Now luxury brands like Gucci are using the eye-tracking technology to keep their attention.
Digital screens behind display stands are activated when a perfume bottle is picked up, flashing images to seduce you. Eye-tracking systems are fixed into screens to gather data so the images can be personalised. And it's all done a matter of seconds.
"Certain software programs can gather huge amounts of data on you almost instantly," says Dowie. 
"Age, gender, what you're looking at - that sort of thing. If you're a young women or a middle-aged man, images are then flashed up that will appeal to you."
As the technology becomes more widely available it will filter down to High Street shops, she adds. 

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