Sunday, 3 March 2013


The essence of this design-whether a podium or wall unit- is to display all the fragrances together horizontally, ensuring the best opportunity for the shopper to test all the fragrances.
This display presents a more unconventional column design with 3 meter high and 250mm wide customised screens, featuring 3 testers on each side-creating high brand visibility for transgender shoppers in a competitive environment.
The displays are currently on a 3 month test to establish the true ROI in 16 stores in Germany – however staff in the trial stores are very excited about the increased level of activity of sales – and it is highly likely that the planned global roll-out will go ahead for Oct, Nov, Dec 2012.

IgniteDesign’s Managing Partner, Paula Dowie, says
We have created Breakthrough designs for this category, using a combination of design and technology. Too often all we see in-stores are randomly placed screens, with non-specific footage – whereas we think it is important that the technology is part of the overall in store design and the content message should enhance the shopper’s brand experience.”

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