Saturday, 23 March 2013

What is Conceptual Design? - Ignite Retail

Today’s consumers expect and demand more than just the product itself – and their wants have a bigger appetite than their needs. It is also accepted that, acting on a conscious and sub-conscious level, the physical retail space can have as much effect upon the consumers’ perceptions of a brand / store as the quality of the goods themselves. So, as a result, brands and stores are increasingly committed to creating a slice of retail theatre when translating the brand to the instore environment.

When we create instore designs for our clients, we work with them to assess what the new instore design needs to achieve. Frequently, “flexibility, modularity & WOW factor” are vital requirements of the brief.

Our point of difference is that we always look at the retail design from the customers’ point of view and marry that with the brand’s business objective, whilst ensuring own able innovation. And we do this regardless of the size of the site – whether it’s for a 1m unit or an entire new environment – so maximum customer engagement is reached.

Part of looking at the customers’ point of view is that we ensure we understand what customers need in order to enjoy the shopping experience more. So, starting with the current issues / barriers we eventually reach the understanding of what will enable a customer to be more comfortable in the new surroundings and therefore come back time and time.

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