Monday, 17 June 2013

Interactive Display improving in-store experience - Ignite Retail

In this mordern world of online shopping, physical stores are struggling to grab customer's attention. Everyone is happy with the convenience of online stores and things being delivered.

Now, how and where in-store need to put in effort to best capture the hearts and minds of your shoppers? Here are some more tips on how to get the best in store store that could help retailers augment online shopping world.

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At Ignite Retail, UK's established retail design company, has also given best in store designs to UK's top most brands.

In retail environment. street displays, window posters make a lot of difference to the number of customers taking interest in your store. At Ignite, we help you to come up with creative ideas to capture attention of passersby. Many stores do put giant displays outside to get the cusomters walk into their store. Different retail environment has different strategy depending on the targeted customer.

Visit Ignite Retail website for more information on retail design and exhibition design. Get in touch with one of our professional retail designer to help you bringing back up your sales.

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