Monday, 10 June 2013

Retail Stores in Spring Loss - Ignite Retail

Its mid june and Britain is still gripped in chilly winds. Optimistic Shoppers look for spring season. Because of the disturbance in weather cycle, retail stores are having tough times. Shoppers do want to buy summer clothes as its cold enough to wear woolen jackets. This winter is considered to be the coldest in 50 years. Retail stores saw like-for-like sales fall 1.4% after a particularly poor final week in May, the BDO High Street Sales Tracker revealed.

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At Ignite, we also help our customers with brand marketing and to help the retail stores to get attention on the customers.

Our designs Turn Shoppers into Buyers

We understand how a shopper shops.  And we help her become a smart shopper by creating the retail design elements of your brand to work strategically & holistically together, ensuring your total brand communication is like a seamless garment
We take the shopper on a journey to remind her what she needs > help her buy what she wants quickly > and show her what’s new & exciting.  So, our design for your brand makes the shopper feel she is in control and informed by her shopping experience = higher sales.

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