Sunday, 14 April 2013

ZEISS focuses on Manchester lens wearers

Mancunian wearers of contact lenses and glasses will find it almost impossible to ignore the health and performance advantages of asking their opticians for ZEISS lenses as a result of a multimedia campaign created by Ignite Retail Design.

Using Manchester as a test bed, ZEISS approached Ignite Retail Design to create a consumer campaign that would explain the health and performance benefits of specifying professionally engineered eyewear from a world-leading manufacturer.

Ignite Retail Design’s objective is to generate awareness for ZEISS lenses at its point of sale and in media inhabited by its key consumers. The communication challenge is explained by Paula Dowie, Managing Partner, Ignite Retail Design. “Generally people are only focused on selecting the frame and completely leave the decision of the lens to the optician. However, when you think that you only have one pair or eyes and just how precious they are – being more aware of the type of lens is extremely important!

So we have created and executed an external media campaign and in-store point of sale support aimed at getting people to think about their lenses and to ask specifically for ZEISS lenses to get the best from their specs.”

The message is being conveyed by high-profile 48 sheet and 6 sheet posters around Manchester and in the Arndale shopping centre, lead and mid-page banners on strategic websites accessible by PC’s, laptops and mobiles, plus a cinema commercial produced by the design company.

To further explore Ignite Retail Design’s creative and flexible approach to all in store design and retail promotions, contact Paula Dowie direct on 020 8876 7972 or email her at

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