Sunday, 7 April 2013

Improve In-Store Design Experience with Ignite Retail

Ignite Retail, one of the most upcoming company of the UK, helps to improve your in store design which would lead to increase in the number of repeat customers. Paula Dowie, owner of Ignite Retail, has many years experience in in store and retail designing. For all the clients, financial plans are in proper control when in store designing is carried out.

- All shops should focus on products to keep more and more customers in the store.

- For all retail stores, the website is a key point to draw more customers in. Therefore, it is necessary to spend immese time on your website.

- One of the biggest design mistakes that retail store generally makes is that they fill their window with posters and other promotional displays which makes it impossible for anyone to see inside. Your window is your biggest showcase and therefore, its not advisable to put too many posters as potential customers won't know where to look.
- Making your store attractive will make customers stay inside the store for longer.

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