Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ignite Retail - Aston Martin Case Study

IGNITE DESIGN LTD is one of the leading retail design agencies with offices in London (Head Office) and Beijing.

A recent design success is the newly opened retail space in Harrods for the bespoke international silversmith Grant MacDonald and their exclusive new luxury range - Silver by Aston Martin.

Given the Silver Room is full of shiny metal products predominantly displayed on black gloss units, the challenge we faced was to create a real point of difference and make the products the hero. So firstly, we took our Inspiration from both art installations and museum displays of rare & priceless artefacts that give space and gravitas to each individual object”, says Paula Dowie, Managing Partner at Ignite.

The finished environment had to “look gorgeous” says Paula. “And everything we designed had to exude quality. Secondly, it was highly important to create an environment which would enhance the very shiny gold & silver products; so we selected materials to perfectly compliment the expertly crafted products on display. A combination of depth, dimension, matt lacquered finishes, laminates and the subtle use of the iconic Aston Martin logo, together with the department’s generic gold wall backdrop, all come together to present a story of traditional yet contemporary, highly exclusive craftsmanship.”

We created a Simplistic Architectural approach to presenting the products using modular cubes rather than glass shelves which creates a more unique display environment and allows merchandising versatility, says Dominic Plumb, Ignite’s Creative Director.

He continues “intentionally selected subtle changes in texture and finish work with the Aston Martin ethos of quality engineering & style giving visual definition and luxury - while keeping the overall retail display as a backdrop in order to enhance  the silver and gold products”.
As well as creating a luxury and fluid environment, the carefully considered design allowed for manufacturing against a tight budget and deadline, whilst conforming to the new Harrods environmental guidelines.
Our clients were delighted with our design work and detailed assistance throughout the manufacturing process,” adds Paula.

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