Monday, 1 July 2013

Scientific side of retail design

Retail store owners are striving hard to develop new strategies to influence customers to their store. Understanding shopper's thinking and needs is very important for every store - why, what and where...

This is usually done accompanied shopping; mystery shopping, face to face interviews of the customers, surveys and many other tools.

Shelf layout is another important thing which should not be forgotten when in store design is being done. Good shelf layout makes visibility and findability easy for customers. They don't have to spend time on searching for little things. Everything should be so well organised that its easy to find.

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At Ignite Retail, one of UK's most promising retail design agencies, helping many big brands with the marketing and retail designing.

By spending prominent time and energy on in store design, really improves in the number of customers.
It's a challenge to design the in store for every business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

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