Monday, 8 July 2013

Redevelopement of Oxford Street | Ignite Retail

Westminster City Council, London has approved to remove some of the old existing buildings on the world's one of the most expensive streets 'Oxford Street' and is all ready to undergo a £195m redevelopment. 

It will be a great addition to UK's high street and beneficial for our consumers.

According to Richard Dickinson, chief executive of New West End Company, which represents businesses in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street, this redevelopmenet should take place ahead of Crossrail opening in 2018 which is another big project and aim to transport about 200,000 people every day.

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Retail stores in the UK are going through difficult times due to economic balance and delay in the summer season in the UK. Finally in the month of July, heat wave hit britain and hope to last for long. There is massive sale going on in Oxford Street in big brands like HnM, Mango, Next and many more...

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