Monday, 1 July 2013

New Year Hopes for Retail Stores - Ignite Retail

UK high street figures are not very promising for this year. There has been a sharp fall in spending after christmas as the economy has been going through ups and downs. The cold weather gripped UK  for almost the end of may.
"Sales of food fell by 2.6 per cent, to the lowest level seen since April 2004.

Keith Richardson, retail expert at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said: “The number of high street insolvencies so far in 2013 and the prevailing economic headwinds suggest that it’s going to be another challenging year for retailers.”

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Ignite Retail helps you to keep pace with UK economy. A good retail design always helps you to gain customer's attractions and improves number of customers coming to the retail store.

The in store design is a key for every retail store. The way products are displayed and how visible they are to the customers improves purchasing.

Ignite Design are highly creative & resourceful designers.  Given the no of skus Paul & Joe consistently have to merchandise, and the comparative size of our site at Harrods, Ignite did a great job of designing our unit to present our cosmetics in an accessible way for customers to browse & test.  They design from the customer viewpoint, so create maximum impact for our brand.  We are delighted with their strategic creativity and positive on time, on budget response.
Annie Bruce, Paul & Joe.

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