Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Five Minutes With...Your Beauty Assistant

Five Minutes With...

Five Minutes With... is a new series of interviews on yourbeautyassistant.com with leading personalities from across the industry.

The objective is to obtain the views from top people in the business about what they feel about the industry, what excites them about their companies and brands and what is important to them in their personal lives (causes, charities, friends, politics, arts luxuries etc).

So if someone spent five minutes with the interviewee they would leave with a good understanding of why they have been so successful and what kind of person they are.

The questions are not published, only the answers in the form of a statement

The answers - or each statement - should be brief: one, two or a maximum of three sentences.

The questions below are not in any order and it is not mandatory to answer all or any of them; instead, should he or she wish, the interviewee can pen their own profile of themselves by answering (in statement form) their own questions.

The ‘interview’ will be prefaced by a short introduction written by yourbeautyassistant.

An image of the interviewee is required and should be sent to jon_charles@btinternet.com or info@yourbeautyassistant.com

Where necessary the copy will be edited and sent for approval prior to publishing.

For all further information contact Jonathan Charles: 020 8488 9515/jon_charles@btinternet.com

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