Monday, 5 August 2013

May Design Series | Ignite Retail

In the month of may, in London, there were four great shows.

"The world looks to Britain as the leaders of design, and London hasn¹t had a show that encompasses all the different sectors of industry... until now" - Vanessa Brady

In this great city of London, the May Design Series brings together four interior design events on retail and architectural communitites. This is show is very useful to find best furniture, accessories, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom stuff...

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You can also register to secure a space in the show.

At Ignite Retail, we help our clients to provide consultancy in retail design and commercial interior design that aids to increase retail sales.

Designing the interior of a retail space is a challenge and most important for the business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

Read what are customers say about Ignite.

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